Since 2010, TCYE has purchased six of the surviving ten first rule 10 Metre Racing Yachts of the early 20thcentury. Marga, our first, is currently competing in her fourth hugely successful season of regattas following the completion of her restoration in 2015, the other five are in various stages of restoration following their salvation by TCYE.


Very few people can dream of owning a classic racing yacht, but now at The Classic Yacht Experience, we can make this unimaginable dream a reality…


The very ethos of TCYE is the underscored by the salvation and revival of the bygone era of gentleman yachting which so encapsulates our yachts. There is no greater example of the passion with which we chase this endeavour than our 10 Metre Class racers.


We are now offering an exclusive opportunity for a few individuals to be integrally involved in the revival of this world-famous racing Rule, by becoming a Partner in this vision. This limited number of enthusiasts will enjoy the extraordinary experience of classic yacht ownership, with none of the managerial restrictions which come with owning such items of luxury. With our hard-earned experience, passion and knowledge, TCYE will manage the yachts, with all profits pouring back into their successful maintenance, care and most importantly, regattas.


It is our dream to have all of these yachts competing alongside Marga in the coming years, and in time to form our own regatta circuit and race the 10 Metres against one another as they had 100 years ago. If, like us, you are passionate about the salvation of classic yachts, and seek the adrenaline and excitement of racing as it is truly meant to be, you could become a Partner and step back in-time aboard some of the most spectacular vessels of the last century.

Les Voiles d’Antibes

03 Jun – 07 Jun

Antibes, France

Argentario Sailing Week

17 Jun – 22 Jun

Porto Santo Stefano, Italy

Le Vele d’Epoca Naples

2 Jul – 5 Jul

Naples, Italy

Regates Royale Cannes

22 Sep – 26 Sep

Cannes, France

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

28 Sep – 04 Oct

St. Tropez, France

The Classic Yacht Experiences Pro Racing Team is comprised of talented sailors from all over the world who come together to gain the absolute best out of our yachts, be it aboard a schooner, or a 10 Metre class.


With the 10 Metre racing yachts, our aim is to create the conditions to race 10M International Rule Gaff Cutters against each other, as they were in the early 20th century – in real time, and not necessarily adjusted time.


The mission is to create a renewed 10M 1st Rule Class, and in doing so attract the interest and talent of the best in the sailing world. Marga is already in her fourth hugely successful season of regattas, and once Tonino, Astarte, Moana, Linth II and Orchis Ihave undergone their necessary restoration, they too will be available for hire (with crew) to race against one another.


This is gentleman racing at its very best.