Classic yacht regattas are universally recognised as some of the most spectacular and entertaining sporting events in the world, and the Mediterranean is proudly home to some of the best competitions in the circuit. These events combine the best of the sports competitive spirit, with the elegance of a bygone era of yachting which sees extraordinarily beautiful vessels racing head to head.

Regatta charters are wonderful events to invite friends, family and/or clients to, offering an experience which is as exclusive as it is breath-taking. The Mediterranean circuit includes exceptional locations, such as Naples, Capri, Cannes, St. Tropes, Antibes, Argentario, Barcelona, and Spetses.

Our schooners both enter the circuit each year, and we provide a professional race crew of 30 for Puritan¸ and 15 aboard Orianda. Guests are invited to either sleep aboard, or have their onshore accommodation provided by us, joining the yachts for the races themselves. Guests aboard enjoy watching these magnificent events from a competitor vessel, with our Pro Sailing Team facing other crews, tack for tack, jibe for jibe.

If sailing isn’t for you however, Ma Tu makes the perfect spectator vessel for you and your guests. Fast enough to keep up with the action so you can cross through the field to watch the yachts from an unhindered perspective.

On the other hand, if your looking for a serious piece of the action, joining one of our 10 Metre, Olympic class racing yachts might be just for you – check out our 10MR Racing page for more information.

Les Voiles d’Antibes

03 Jun – 07 Jun

Antibes, France

Argentario Sailing Week

17 Jun – 22 Jun

Porto Santo Stefano, Italy

Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta

25 Jun – 28 Jun

Spetses, Greece

Le Vele d’Epoca Naples

2 Jul – 5 Jul

Naples, Italy

Regates Royale Cannes

22 Sep – 26 Sep

Cannes, France

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

28 Sep – 04 Oct

St. Tropez, France

The Classic Yacht Experience Racing Team is set to create the conditions to be able to race 10m I.R. Gaff Cutters against each other in real time and not necessarily in adjusted time.

The mission is to create, through the use and racing of Tonino (F0), Astarte (F1) and Marga (F3), a renewed 10 m 1st Rule class, and attract the necessary interest and talent to this simply unique form of classic sailing.

Once Tonino and Astarte have undergone their necessary restoration they, too, will be available for hire (with crew) to race against each other on specific bespoke events or on the wider racing circuit.

Gentleman racing at its best.

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