The Classic Yacht Experience strives to create unparalleled, tailor-made experiences which forge memories to last a lifetime. Each of our nine yachts offer a singularly unique porthole into the world of classic yachting, with carefully defined moments designed to enrich the adventure our guests embark upon during their time aboard.


Our charter yachts Puritan, Orianda and Ma Tu, each come with a highly skilled team of crew who are there to make your guests feel at home. As such we tailor each charter to the desires of our guests, be it a special event or a specific location, we will do whatever we can to make your time unforgettable.


We are distinguished by our expert chefs who create unique and imaginative dishes, adapted to each location by sourcing only the most local ingredients. This means guests become utterly imbued within the traditions of their surroundings, whilst dining on only the freshest and most nutritious produce. While during your adventure no two dishes will be alike, our staff will be happy to cater to any of our guest’s dietary requirements or preferences. The excellence of our Mediterranean cuisine is only heightened by the owner’s cellar, which includes a collection of scrupulously researched wines and spirits, and together create an unparalleled culinary experience.


We strive to create an experience which you will speak about for years to come and want to do again and again.