Puritan Foundation

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Created to own SY Puritan of 1930 and other classic sailing yachts with the aim of setting up a Skills and Training Academy which will prepare, train and educate the next generation of seafarers with the necessary skills to preserve, operate them, conserve maritime and yachting traditions and crucially serve marine biology charities focused on the protection our waters.






The Portrait of an American Queen

Puritan The Portrait of an American Queen, was a story desperate to be immortalised in print. The history that has been synthesised in this book has been collated over decades, through the collaboration of many people who know the vessel personally. From sailors who walked her decks, to the craftsmen who formed them and the owners that maintained her, all have put their memories into this book. Over the course of two years, the team at TCYE researched, collected and wrote this history, which is now one of the most thoroughly researched and beautifully presented books on the history of a vessel ever to be conceived.