The Classic Yacht Experience

About Us

For generations classic yachting has inspired adventurers, thrill seekers and lovers of luxury. Today classic yachts survive due their ability to spark passion and excitement into the hearts of all who sail aboard them, but many had believed that the world of gentleman sailing which flourished in the late 18th century had long been lost. At The Classic Yacht Experience however, the joys of this extraordinary bygone era have been harnessed to their fullest.


At TCYE we offer an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the world of classic yachting and the inimitable luxury that comes with it. Be it sailing through the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean aboard a schooner, or getting your feet wet in bow to bow racing on one of our 10 Metre Class gaff cutters, the experiences we offer are tailor made to our guest’s desires.


For this and for all of what can only be experienced, The Classic Yacht Experience is here to make the glorious past of these yachts both the present, and the future.




The Portrait of an American Queen

Puritan The Portrait of an American Queen, was a story desperate to be immortalised in print. The history that has been synthesised in this book has been collated over decades, through the collaboration of many people who know the vessel personally. From sailors who walked her decks, to the craftsmen who formed them and the owners that maintained her, all have put their memories into this book. Over the course of two years, the team at TCYE researched, collected and wrote this history, which is now one of the most thoroughly researched and beautifully presented books on the history of a vessel ever to be conceived.