The Classic Yacht Experience

There is no single way to enjoy classic yachting.

Be it a leisurely cruise around the Aegean, experiencing our large schooners in some of the most famous classic yachting regattas in the Mediterranean or getting your feet wet in bow to bow racing on our 10 Metre-Class Gaff cutters, the experiences we offer are tailor-made to our guests’ desires.

Our schooners, Puritan and Orianda are available to charter for cruises in the Mediterranean and, for those who enjoy a little bit of competition, for regatta watching or racing on the Mediterranean classic racing circuit, or indeed simply regatta watching.

For those, however, whose craving for speed cannot be satisfied enough, The Classic Yacht Experience Racing Team, with its selection of 10 Metre-class racers, raises to the challenge.

About Us

For those who have romanticised about the bygone era of gentlemen’s yachting, The Classic Yacht Experience (TCYE), has developed over the years through the passion of its owners to do exactly that –return to those long-lost days. TCYE is therefore not here just to offer a comparable luxury charter, but is altogether much more.

The Classic Yacht Experience is best defined through the appreciation of a multitude of elements and emotions that can only really be found on board.

Of course the yachts themselves have breath-taking stories encompassing adventure, controversies and successes during their long lives.

Moreover, this timeless experience is made possible thanks to the crew on each yacht, all of whom share this incredible passion through their work and with their life on board.

The Classic Yacht Experience comprises a fleet of five different yachts built before the Second World War by different owners for different reasons in different places; and yet today they are managed by a single professional team who share the same interest, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for these very same yachts.

An experience is defined by senses and, as such, it is to no surprise that in a setting so beautiful to watch and to be part of, every detail has been carefully chosen be it the linen, the general décor all the way to the chefs on board contributing by making breakfast, lunch and dinner as unique as possible, always choosing local ingredients, thus furthering knowledge of the waters in which one has sailed.

For this and for all of what cannot be written, The Classic Yacht Experience is here to make the glorious past of the yachts both the present and the future.