Puritan is a 126 ft (38.40 m) Gaff Rigged Schooner built in 1930 by one of the most acclaimed American naval architects, John G. Alden.

She is recognised as one of the most important yachts of her time for her pioneering hull, made of  a high-grade steel comparable to stainless steel, and a riveting structure that was later developed for deep- diving submarines to withstand extreme water pressure, plus  her retractable centreboard.

Puritan’s history is both thrilling and dynamic. Since her construction almost 90 years ago she has experienced everything from the Great Depression to serving the U.S. Navy during World War II. Not surprisingly she has sailed across the oceans from as far as Nova Scotia to Cape Horn and from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. Puritan has just undergone an extensive refit under her new ownership and she is part of ‘The Classic Yacht Experience’ along with Orianda, an 85ft (26 m) Bermudian Schooner built in 1937,  Marga, an Olympic 10 metre I.R. Gaff Cutter designed by C.O. Liljegren and built in 1910, Tonino a second 10 Metre I.R. Gaff Cutter designed by William Fife III and built for The King of Spain by an Naval shipyard in Bilbao in 1911. Tonino and Astarte are also part of the fleet, Astarte being the first ever 10 metre I.R. Gaff Cutter designed by C.O Liljegren in 1907.


November 1929– John Alden presents plans to Edward Brown for a 135(LoA) foot auxiliary schooner to be built at the Electric Boat Company in New London, Connecticut, still to this day a U.S. Navy Shipyard.

1929 - John Alden Original Yacht Design

12th August 1930– The contract for the construction of Puritan was signed. Due to the beginning of the Great Depression, Puritan was the only boat built by the Electric Boat Company in 1930-31. Not only did she receive notable attention during her construction, but she was built at the site where nuclear submarines would be built decades later.

25th April 1931– Barbara L. Brown-Gray broke a bottle of champagne at 14:30 across the bow of Puritan officially Christening the ship and seeing her touch the waters for the very first time.

1933 - Harry J. Bauer buys Puritan Press Clipping

6th June 1931Puritan embarks on her maiden voyage from New London to Oyster Bay.

12th April 1932- Four months after visiting Puritan for the very last time, Edward W. Brown dies. Soon after his passing the Executors of his Estate put Puritan up for sale.

1933- By the spring of 1933, Puritan was sold for $35, 000 to Harry Bauer, a Los Angeles lawyer and President of Southern California Edison. At the beginning of April, Mr. Brauer sails her to California. On board is a seventeen-year-old boy called Sterling Hayden who would later describe his journey through the Panama Canal and up the Californian coast in his biography Wanderer, 1963. Hayden was an actor best known in The Asphalt Jungle, Dr.Strangelove, and The Godfather.


7th December 1941– Harry Bauer sells Puritan to the U.S. Navy for $1. She patrols a 200-mile area off the Mexican coast, south of San Diego. Soon after the war ended, Bauer reunites with Puritan and brings her back to her original standard of luxury.


1957– Bauer funds a three-month excursion in the Gulf of California and invites the American Museum of Natural History in New York to use Puritan as a base of operations.

1957– Bauer funds a three-month excursion in the Gulf of California and invites the American Museum of Natural History in New York to use Puritan as a base of operations.


1961– Harry Bauer dies. Two years later, Puritan is put up for auction.

1963– Doyle D.W. Downey, of Houston, buys Puritan for $90,300. Doyle had previously bought Satartia, another Alden design later known as Southwind, from Bauer and he wanted Puritan to join the charter trade in in the Virgin Islands.1967–  The business was not successful so Mariano Prado-Sosa of Peru buys Puritan for $120,000. The Prado family was one of the wealthiest families in Peru. Not only did they control the country’s media, textiles, and banks, but they also had two Peruvian Presidents in the family: His great grand-father, General Mariano Ignacio Prado, Peruvian President between 1865-68, during the war with Chile, and his uncle, Mariano Prado Ugarteche between 1956-1962.

Mariano fails in his attempt to charter Puritan between Miami and the Virgin Islands. When he sends her to Acapulco the Mexican Government seizes Puritan on behalf of the Peruvian Government, on suspicion the vessel was bought with Peruvian state funds. Velasco Alverado blamed the powerful Peruvian families for social inequalities, and so confiscated many of their possessions and businesses.


1970- Mariano leaves Peru and Puritan is left behind in the hands of the Peruvian army in Acapulco.

June 1971-   After succeeding to get Puritan from Acapulco to Miami, the boat was in such bad shape that Mariano decides to sell her. He will later be sentenced to ten years in prison for embezzlement, during his Presidency of Peruvian based, Banco Popular.

1972- Bill and Patsy Bolling purchase Puritan with the intent of rescuing her after finding her, ‘sails hanging from her booms, hatches broken and weeds growing in the scuppers’. Seven months and twenty-two thousand man-hours later, they accomplished the most spectacular restoration.

29th September 1973- Bill and Patsy Bolling bring Puritan back to Florida to be part of the Caribbean charter trade. On their way home, they take part in the sixth annual Mystic Seaport Invitational Schooner Race and in John Duffet’s words, ‘Puritan made a spectacular comeback by winning first in her class, and everybody knows that she is now very much around.’ (Schooners Rise Again)

Patsy Kenedy (1973)
1973 Puritan sailing during the ownership of Patsy Kenedy & Bill Bolling

Until 1978 Puritan sails around the Caribbean with regular stops in Port Antonio Jamaica, Key West, and The Bahamas.  Cuba regrettably was never a destination.

1978- Oscar Schmidt purchases’ Puritan.

1973 Puritan's Charter Route
Patsy Kenedy & Bill Bolling on sailing on Puritan 1973

1980- Oscar Schmidt sails Puritan over the Atlantic for the America’s Cup races in Newport, Rhode Island Maine. During this period, Oscar Schmidt buys and sells Puritan a number of times, and within this time period she mainly sailed around the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean.

Oscar Schmitt's Puritan (1980's)
Oscar Schmitt's Puritan (1980's)
Puritan in the 1980's during the Oscar Schmitt era
Puritan at Bannister's Wharf, Newport Rhode Island (1988)

1989- Puritan returns from the Caribbean with notable stops along the way; Bermuda, the Azores and 4,683 miles from Antigua to the Argentario after experiencing the loss of the foremast during the crossing. The shipyard Cantieri dell’Argentario conducted the necessary refit and built a new mast and bowsprit. Puritan’s original bowsprit is now the foremast of “Zaca” a large wooden schooner formerly `owned by the famous Errol Flynn. Upon completion of the repairs, Puritan is sailed to Villefranche, France. Soon after her arrival in Europe she is sold to Arturo Ferruzzi, where he keeps her in Antibes, France.

Puritan during the late 1980's (Ownership by the Ferruzzi Family)
Puritan during the late 1980's (Ownership by the Ferruzzi Family)
Puritan during the late 1980's (Ownership by the Ferruzzi Family)
Puritan sailing in Antibe, France during the Ferruzzi ownership (1989)

2015- Puritan joins The Classic Yacht Experience fleet and undergoes a significant refit with Tecnomar in Fiumicino (Rome) where the masts, fixture, fittings, equipment, rig, works to the hull and retractable centre board are carried out. In 2016, the second phase of this significant refit was completed where further works were conducted on the hull, engine and propulsion as well as being fitted with a brand-new deck.

Puritan sailing in Capri 2016 after her restoration
Cruising / Charter
2017 Spetses Classic Regatta
2016 Les Voiles des Saint Tropez
2016 Regates Royale Cannes
Puritan’s Launch
1970’s Puritan during the ownership of Patsy and Bill Bolling
Puritan Trailer
Puritan’s Origins
Puritan’s Origins
Puritan’s History
Puritan 1930 – Damages are Inevitable
Puritan’s History – A Transatlantic Chef
The Classic Yacht Experience – Sailmaking for the Classics
Puritan 1930 – Racing a Classic Schooner
The Classic Yacht Experience – The Artist
The Classic Yacht Experience – Keeping Yacht Building Alive
Puritan 1930 – The Chef
Puritan 1930 – The Historian
Naval Architect
John G. Alden
1884 – 1962 USA

John G. Alden was an American naval architect and the founder of Alden Designs, a yacht design company, which was, back in the days, known worldwide for producing fast and seaworthy offshore yachts.

Alden was born in Troy, New York in 1884 and grew up in Rhode Island, where he was inspired by local fishermen and regattas. For some time, he worked under the elderly designer, Edward Burgess who had designed a large cutter that defended the Americas Cup in the 1880. Later, he worked for his son, W Starling Burgess who, in 1930, also designed defenders for the Americas Cup.

Among the many American architects of the 20th Century, John G. Alden is not only remembered for his designs but also for his high performance as a sailor and skipper in ocean races.

John G. Alden
Length Over All (LOA)38.4m (126 ft)
Length on Deck (LOD)31.50m (103.3 ft)
Beam7m (23 ft)
Draft2.9/5m (9 ft)
RigGaff Schooner
Year of Construction1930
DesignerJohn G. Alden
Flag and CodingUK MCA
Fuel Capacity3000 Litres
Water Capacity3000 Litres
Max Speed9.5 Kts
Cruising Speed7 Kts
Engine and Generators Consumption45 Litres/hour
EngineGM 275hp
Generator 1Koeler 23kw
Generator 2Onan 24kw
A/CIndependent Fan Coil in each cabin
Stereo/TVin the main saloon
Layout & Accommodation

Puritan can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins, along with 7 crew members.

One master cabin with a large double bed, toilet and en-suite bathroom.  Owner’s office includes a desk and a leather sofa, convertible into a queen bed, and an en-suite bathroom. Two VIP cabins with a queen bed and en-suite bathroom.  All four cabins are equipped with air conditioning.

Equipment on board

Puritan comes equipped with state-of-the-art comfort and technology: Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, Watermaker, Snorkelling Equipment, Flat Screen TV, Hi-Fi Surround Sound System throughout the entire yacht. All staterooms have opening deck hatches for light and ventilation.

Whilst exploring the magnificent surroundings of your charter destination, Puritan offers guests on board the opportunity to engage in a wide range of water based activities.  From speeding through the ocean on water-skis, or taking on the elements with a wind-surf, to snorkelling in unique locations.  We offer something for everyone, in a setting that will make lasting memories with your family and friends.


5.5 Metre Tender: 60Hp outboard
Wake-board / Windsurfing
Inflatables (Doughnut)


One diesel engine with 1 x 280 HP
Two Generators
Two Power converters
Shore power
Cuisine on board

We distinguish ourselves by providing unique local cuisine on board. Each dish is carefully prepared using fresh produce sourced from and befitting the current location of the yacht, with an emphasis on healthy and nutritious ingredients. Alongside our excellent Mediterranean cuisine, the owner’s cellar, a collection of scrupulously researched wines and spirits, will make for an unparalleled culinary experience.

While during your journey no dish will be alike, our fully trained staff will be happy to cater to any of our guests’ dietary requirements or preferences.


Simon Pandolfi


Alexander Child

First Mate

Vera Aland


Charlie Couture


Lyall Lloyd Evans

Deck Engineer

Thomas Moody


Ciara Hutchison Reid